Hello Everyone,

I've taken up the task of continuing the Nethack homebrew for the PSP, released a while ago by the honorable VMU.

Please take time to view what as been done lately and make sure you send me your bugs or comments after you have installed and played with the latest version.

For those of you that don't know what NetHack is, I urge you to read this Wikkipedia article right away.


The game is now fully playable!


Latest News:

01/06/2009 The PSP Nethack Competition

The PSP Nethack Community is slowly building up quite a following and we want to try and help it grow even more. We have therefore decided to run the first official PSP Nethack competition. The top 3 high scores for the month of June will have their usernames posted on the website and each user will receive an origin promo code that will give them $20 of credit to spend in the origin store. Please submit your scores to us and include a screenshot. Please also send log files too so that we can verify the score. Good luck!

25/05/2009 - Fan-made Nethack Flavor for your PSP

Ben from Germany was kind enough to share with us his modified Nethack for the PSP. You can find his flavored release here. Screenshots can be found here.

He also told me that he stumbeled upon a little Plugin called 'Custom Firmware Extender'. It can play MP3's and is also able to do some other fancy stuff like making ingame screenshots. It can be found here. As usual, try it at your own risk ;-).

09/02/2009 - Port to PSP SLIM

Jinx1337 has been kind enough to let me post this here; He's updated the PSP Nethack release for all you folks that have a PSP SLIM. You can find his release here. Enjoy!

Latest News:

22/3/2007 - Production stopped

I've stopped developing this port a long while ago. But as far as I know, it is still playable on any Homebrew enabled PSP. Have fun out there!

15/5/2006 - MP3 Player on its way

I have started to see if it was possible to include a MP3 player in the game. So far it compiles, but thats about it! lol

I'll let you guys know ;-)

8/5/2006 - New Release today!

I think its time to do another official release, version 1.0d. See the section 'Latest changes' for what has changed since v1.0c.

5/5/2006 - Web site ouverture

I have finnaly taken the time to do this little web site to keep you all posted on my latest changes to the Nethack PSP homebrew. Hope you like it.

5/4/2006 - Current devlopment

I'm currently working on the scrolling issues when a pop-up menu is too big for being displayed. The analog stick will be use to pan the window up-down-left-right. I just need to adjust the panning to be also automatically called when browsing the choices with the D-Pad.

5/4/2006 - Diagonals "fixed"

I have finnaly fixed the diagonals. The way the code is currently done, it is very difficult to get the status on 2 different buttons coming from the D-Pad. So I have added a small feature that will enable you to go in diagonal if you press both TOP_LEFT and TOP_RIGHT while pressing the D-Pad for a direction.

  • Pressing Right will get you South-East
  • Pressing Left will get you North-West
  • Pressing Up will get you North-East
  • Pressing Down will get you South-West

I'm not sure this will stick though, I would very much like to be able to simply use the D-Pad.

5/3/2006 - Casting spells and applying stuff to yourself

Since we could not cast spells in diag nor apply stuff to ourself, I have implemented the same technique as for teleporting/fast travel/or looking at something far waway... You know? the small highlighted square that you can move around? Except I won't let it go farther than one of the nine squares surrounding the player. So far it works like a charm. Lets upload a new BETA2.

4/30/2006 - Many options...

Since I had to do some code to split any pop-up menu in columns, I have taken the time to rearrange the contextual menu (START button) in two columns and even added many new options. The soft-keyboard is almost done (you can check it out in my new BETA1). I have also fixed many issues around the pop-up menus.